novum 05.18 »fashion«

  • novum 05.18 »fashion«

    In our May issue we enter into a sector that thrives on change like perhaps none other: fashion. The designs that are presented in autumn for the following spring are already passé come the fashion shows in January. The points of contact with graphic design are often more sustainable, but no less interesting: How do fashion labels present themselves in terms of graphic design? How do you capture fashion models in drawings? And: What´s the best way to update a traditional brand?

    We went on the trail and discovered some tremendous CIs behind the catwalks, as it were. For example, we have an interview with the gifted fashion illustrator David Downton, whose portfolio contains a string of illustrious names from Chanel to Valentino, and from Harper’s Bazaar to Vogue. He gives us an insider´s view and also passes on some advice to the next generation of fashion illustrators.
    In our Showrooms you can look forward to an exciting and international mix of creative talent and discover magical illustrations in the spirit of Italian futurism, minimalist posters, great corporate identities and wonderful self-initiated projects. 

    The cover

    The cover for this issue of novum, designed by Lucas Doerre und Marius Sperlich, reflects the Berlin designer's appetite for different dimensions and design possibilities. In combination with a mysterious sculpture, the reflective surface (in which the reader can see his/her own reflection) visualises precisely that which fashion is: A seductive envelope. Note the mirror is not homogeneous – its shimmering pattern hints at the transformation that fashion can bring.

    All this and more awaits in this issue of novum!

    Copies of this issue can be bougth here

    Cover design 

    MetsäBoard Prime FBB Bright, 285 gsm

    Foil finishes
    Hot foil, blind embossing

    Offset printing 

    Tobias Holzmann and Guillaume Sinopoli