Habitat Clothing

  • Habitat Clothing:

    Create a clothing line, culminated of contemporary urban influences for a millennial audience. Whilst, situating a topical discussion of cultural impact and awareness. Habitat refers specifically to the  area of the animal kingdom that has been affected by significant urbanisation, and human oriented agenda. Across this piece, Habitat looks at tackling the issue of cheetah endangerment. 

    With the key themes in mind, the overall concept looks at developing a visual language to promote public awareness; representing the identity of the cheetah. Key areas such as the 'Collaborator's Zine' looks specifically at the issue from the perspective of social media fashion bloggers, whilst exhibiting Habitat's products in the context of an Art Directed look book.

    Credits: Chris Edwards
    Project Type: Academic
    Fields: Art Direction + Branding + Fashion
    Year: 2017

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