Young Lions / Competition

  • The Competition
    In a 24 hour time period, eligible entrants work in teams of 2 to answer a brief for a not-for-profit organization, selected by The Globe and Mail in consultation with the competition judges. The Canadian qualifying competitions are designed to prepare the teams for the global Young Lions competition in Cannes.

    The Brief
    Within 24 hours, create single double-page-spread print ad for
     60 millions girls, a public foundation dedicated to girls’ education in developing countries.

    The Concept
    In developing countries, too many children don’t have access to quality education, and the situation is even more blatant for girls.
    That is why we call upon all Canadians and ask them for donations to help reduce gender disparities in access to education.
    We must close the gap between girls and boys in terms of education, so we won’t only get “he learns” but more and more often “she learns.” It’s quite simple. We want girls around the world to have access to the education they deserve.

    Conceptrice-rédactrice | Isabelle Neault
    Directeur artistique | Marc-Antoine Vallée