• Artseen
  • Year: 2017
    Client: National Library Singapore
    Creatives: Ryan Len, Ella Zheng
  • Artseen is a collective of Arts Nodes done in collaboration with the National Library Board and the National Arts Council, curating arts programmes at the libraries for both youths and adults. The refreshed identity for artseen turns to the list of basic building blocks of making art namely – form, shape, line, color, value, space and texture. In retrospective, the coming together of building blocks represent artseen’s vision to foster a vibrant and social learning space, where artists, enthusiasts, and the community converge to engage in authentic artistic experiences.
  • House Patterns

    Carrying on the key touchpoint of “elements of art”, seven unique patterns are created for artseen to apply across various applications.
  • EDM Template

    artseen members are kept updated regularly through their electronic mailers. A template and grid system is devised for artseen to easily create their own in-house edm.
  • Brand Device

    A brand device is locked to the top of each design collateral, ensuring a cohesive brand image. The brand device can also expand to reveal more information for wider applications if needed. Each category (exhibitions, talks, events) is colour coded on the top right corner for easy identification.
  • Deconstructing To Create Key Visuals

    The artseen logo is deconstructed to be used as visual elements for their collaterals. House colours, patterns or even event imageries can be applied into the deconstructed shapes, forming unique layouts yet maintaining a greater brand recall and consistency.
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