Beating Signal - The Story

  • B E A T I N G   S I G N A L   -   T H E   S T O R Y

    I designed the cover artwork for Beating Signal's new single The Story.
    It consists of a printed circuit board that can be used to build a working mini synthesizer.
  • Using just a handful of cheap components, the synth can easily be assembled in under an hour even by beginners. The software can be transferred using a regular Arduino or FTDI/USB adaptor. The approachable Arduino-based software and additional pins and connectors allow for straightforward experimentation and modifications by the user.
  • The synthesizer can be played by touching the cruciform conductive pads with a wire connected to
    the ground plane of the circuit board.
  • A photoshop rendering of the cover for streaming.
  • Work in progress and assembly shots also depicting the super-limited pcb green prototype edition.
  • The synthesizer is based on the Nebulophone by Bleep Labs.
    Software and design files are available on Github.