Trends - Rebranding


  • Established in 1992, Trends is the leading Systems Integrator and Business Solutions Provider in the Philippines, harnessing the power of Information and Communications Technology to provide competitive advantage to its clientele. As Trends continues to evolve, our focus is increasingly shifting toward providing technology-enabled business services. 

    Trends is passionate about innovation and constantly reinvents itself according to market demands and the changing technological landscape.The company continuously moves forward to engage new markets through the facilitation of pioneering technologies and practices. We are perpetually seeking to elevate our customer's operations and assist in the achievement of their business outcomes. Through their partnerships, we strive to be at the forefront of technology, which we leverage in order to remain steadfast in our commitment of total customer satisfaction.


  • The new identity aims to show the passion and dedication of the company that would represent them through the ever-changing trends of technology. Bringing refreshed modern look was the challenge to rebrand a company that serves its clients and country for over 20 years without losing its roots to the current clients. A logo mark was created to reflect power and speed that the brand promises to its clients. Color palette was expanded to give more assertiveness and flexibility to the new identity.

    Overall, the new identity was effective to bridge the connection of the old and new brand with the same mission and vision that can stand the constantly moving market and products.