historia 01_pine stool

  • historia_01
    The brief for this project was to design and manufacture a pine stool, respecting the structural and aesthetic properties of swedish pine wood.

    The concept was born from the analysis of the similarities between Mexican and Swedish textiles, as well as the weaving techniques used in furniture. While on a visit to the storage house of the Stockholm Nordic Museum, it was evident that both cultures had the need to express concepts of cosmogony, family and the day to day life, the techniques used in both cultures are the same but the result reflect the origin of each culture.

    In furniture, the weaving of seats is also a similar technique, using the same patterns but with different kinds of materials, in Sweden it is common to use wood veneer to make woven structures or marquetry, while in Mexico palm fibers or nylon thread are used mainly for this purpose.

    The result is a pine stool that reflects this unity between these two cultures, using pine veneer for the seating which is woven in an abstraction of mexican patterns for baskets; its dimensions allow a much more relaxed kind of seating and enough surface space to be used as a side table.

  • Model & Art Direction Collaborator: Johanna Björling

    Malmstens 2018