Hospitality - The Mirror

  • Hospitality - The mirror
    Hospitality for the opposite world
  • The Mirror - Hospitality
  • Mirror, we were able to indirectly look our selves and surroundings through a mirror.
    And mirrors have long been a necessity for our lives.
    In the fairy tales and novels, stories we have been facing a lot of mysterious aspects of the mirror.
    A mirror that can be easily seen in our lives, and the mystery of it. As a property of this kind of mirror, I created a mirror as an object. (I embodied the mirror through the imagination that there would be the same world like this one on the other side of the mirror)
  • Mirror, frame and one round tray
  • When I stand in front of the mirror, the landscape surrounding me, including myself, is still visible.
    Maybe it is the same in the opposite world. I want to give hospitality to the opposite world.
    I want to broke the stereotypes that we thought were reflected through a mediator of a tray, and proceeded with imagination and inspiration to connect and communicate with the other world.
    It was time to think about ways to highlight only the unique characteristics of mirrors.
  • One round tray in mirror
  • Backside - Hook of Mirror
  • Backside - Structure of combination of trays, mirrors and frames
  • Mirror, frame and one round tray.
    Now we can get each other a glass of water for the other side of the world.

    Thank you very much.


    Youngmin Kang / Designer
    Seoul, South Korea