• Invest Just 5 Minute.
    Handry is a portable spot laundry machine. In just 5 minutes, clean the contaminated area and let it dry

  • Background
    Have you ever spilled coffee on your cloth? either have you ever see old stains on your cloth?
    As we live, we can see our cloth is contaminated. Even just one spot!

  • If you did laundry yesterday. but If you spill coffee on your cloth, you do cloth laundry again?
    There's no need to laundry. Absolutely no! If You have 'handry'. Handry can spot laundry.
    And it can also remove old stains.

    Now meet hand + laundry, Handry!
  • Inspiration
    Korean traditional washing method was a way to remove contaminants by tapping laundry with a laundry bat. I got inspiration from this point.
  • Isn’t it wonderful? You could almost keep your handry on the dinner table.
    Enjoy handry’s technic and design.

  • Brush / Water, detergent nozzle
    Brush is moving up & down and left & right with vibration. They are each another moving, kind of dress material, stains.
    Also water, detergent is exhausted

    Handry’s smart LCD is show you; dress material and kind of stains. first, you select dress material and select kind of stains. And you can see estimated time en route. And you touch start button and enjoy your cloth’s perfect cleaning

    Select your cloth type - Select stains type - Check progress time - Wait just 5minute
  • Wireless charger
    The handry is charged wirelessly. The wet part of the hand lid is dried by itself. You can check the charge status through the LED of the charger.
    Portable part laundry machine

    Individual work
    Duration / 2015.06 ~ 2015.12 and rework 2018.01~2018.03
    Myongji University Industrial Design_Junior