• Fiske, located in the Pearl District in Portland, is a cafe style seafood restaurant that specializes in Scandinavian style chowders. Fiske has a very simple menu and a casual and open atmosphere. Their seafood is ecologically sourced from local fisheries and fishermen, bringing thoughtfully sourced seafood direct to local consumers. Drawing on the flavors of traditional Nordic fare and with a firm belief in the simple goods in life, Fiske takes a unique approach to the balance between healthy and comfort food. They offer quick and affordable seafood options and a cafe style setting that customers enjoy being in. 
  • The branding for Fiske follows the company’s focus on simplicity and the casual, sometimes quirky, but ultimately inviting personality. Fiske is a luxury made economical. It is casual yet understatedly bold. Its language is terse and concise. Fiske exudes the energy of sailors and seafarers of a bygone era passionate about the sea and sea creatures.