Hest Industrial Footwear

  • We change the way the industry walks
    Hest is a 100% Mexican company that provides formal safety footwear for the daily use of executives, managers, supervisors, and the general public, which offers the possibility of wearing high quality footwear and clothing, comfortable and attractive.

    This footwear is made by hand through the Welt manufacturing process, with which greater durability and solidity is achieved; At the beginning it may look like stiff footwear, but with the passage of time and use it becomes a much more comfortable shoe and after using it, an adaptation to the shoe sole and to the shape of the foot is achieved.

  • The graphic identity of the hest brand is based on the minimalist aesthetics of Norwegian design. We seek to merge visual cleanliness with the personality and attributes of the product to create a meaningful identity, with character and style.

  • For the isotype design of the brand we used a semantic comparison between the horse element and the product, using as the main elements the hooves of the animal, the Norwegian coat of arms and the first letter of the name of the brand to form a monogram.