Lagniappe Management

  • The Client
    Lagniappe Management is a start-up investment company with presence in Houston, Texas, and activity all over the world. 
    Enclosing the multifaceted meanings of the word “lagniappe” (something offered gratuitously - a gift) in its brand core, Lagniappe Management aims at investing not just in innovative and promising ideas, but in creative and daring people, with a vision to change their lives, while having a significant impact to their own communities and the world.

    The Objective
    For the company’s official launch, Lagniappe Management needed a strong, confident logotype, introducing itself 
    and delivering its core values of mutual respect and collaboration, while maintaining a solid vision for constant evolution, growth and purposeful change.

    The Solution
    Unfolding the conceptional layers of Lagniappe Management’s logotype design, we firstly took advantage of 
    the company’s initials L and M, and the way their position in space offers the symbol of a stairway - one that only goes upwards, with an unrestricted prospect for the future and infinite potentials. The logotype appears in two basic forms; horizontal and circular. While the horizontal form follows the stairway’ s course, the placement of the brand name around the logotype follows emblem design principles, transfusing prestige and boldness and enabling the logotype to work as a seal - as a promise. Featuring copper details on the burgundy color palette, corporate identity inspires a more premium character, inviting people to a vision-driven collaboration based on trust and respect.

  • ​​​​​​​Art Direction: Odysseas GP
    Brand Design: Makrina Oikonomidou
    Client: Lagniappe Management LLC