Tea Towel Art Exhibition

  • Trish Kroehnert (AKA ‘Dishy’) sadly lost her 18 year battle with breast cancer. I was asked to share my skills for a tea towel charity exhibition, ‘Grab Life by the Titties’ that would celebrate the beautiful woman that is Trish, and help raise much needed funds for her family. The brief asked that we reference Trish’s love for grabbing life, and include the breast cancer awareness pink.

    I wanted to create a light hearted piece that would draw people into the work and start conversations. I decided on a typographic response that would combine my love for hand lettering, and the humorous variety of names that we have for our breasts. I utilised different styles to reflect the nature of each word. What resulted is a fun and heartwarming artwork that reminds you to grab life by the titties... Or whatever you call yours!

    The event was a huge success, every piece was sold and it raised $15,000 for the Kroehnert's and cancer research.
  • Photo by Jackielyn Powell
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    Designed by: Emily Sneddon