Leroy Merlin

  • Leroy Merlin brand identity concept

    Leroy Merlin - is an international retailer specialises in the selling of goods for construction, decoration and furnishing of a house, cottage and garden. Leroy Merlin helps people all around the world improve not only their housing, but the quality of their lives.

    In my opinion, the problem of today’s visual communication of Leroy Merlin, that it is not emotional enough and way too serious. My concept - is an attempt to add more colours and intensity to the communication. I wanted to tell in the new light that repair and construction is a new bright start. That repair is not about the string of tests and creative tortures, but rather that is something simple and easy.

  • We mostly kept the image of the house as it was featured on the previous logo, but simplified it and made it more concise

    We did not limit ourselves to a palette of two colours as it used to be earlier and we did not use too many colours to make the brand more capacious and complete. 
    Demonstrating simple and vivid images we allow people to use their imagination pushing them towards the creative process.