The Barber Culture

  • I remember perfectly the first time that I had an independent magazine in my hands. I came across it in Brooklyn, in a dimly-lit store somewhere in the concrete jungle.

    The magazine was called "Dust" and talked about street culture, the history of graffiti and its evolution. What caught my attention wasn't its content (even though it was really good), but its design. I remember it as a new concept, a fusion of order and disorder.

    It was screen printed and the photos were amazing. Oh, wow! The layout didn't follow any rules,but everything fitted together harmoniously. The font danced around, the headlines crawled over the page and ended up in impossible margins. It was pure beauty without rules, a new code, a style without limits.

    From that day on, I became obsessed with designing my own magazine.

  • Photo credits
    Van Hagen - Photography,  Sean - Theguestroom,  Doug Segars - The fader, Hai Phung, Christoffer Engström, Noah Buscher, Getbevel - Bevel Code, Owi - Sixseven.