Five Senses - Altered Book

  • The goal of this project was to alter an existing book to convey a new layer of meaning. I found a dated experimental pscyhology book in a used book shop. The book is divided into chapters about the different human senses, and incorporates cryptic diagrams and odd experiments.
    I decided to use the existing chapters to divide my book into five sections, one for each of the senses. My concept was to transform the book from being didactic into one that would enable the reader to experience sight, sound, smell, taste and touch. To distinguish each of the five senses, I assigned a different vocabulary to each section that was appropriate for that sense. 
    To visually express “sight,” I used lines to represent the refraction of light rays. Concentric circles radiating out represent sound waves. I used sprayed ink for the sense of smell because the specks reminded me of pollen and water vapor. I took a more literal approach with "taste" by collaging images of food into radial patterns. Lastly, sandpaper, fabric and wood textured dots create visual as well as tactile “touchpoints”.