Speck Magazine

    Revolution: Moon — Special Edition

    SUBJECT: A Day in the Life: July 20th 1969
    CONTENTS: Speck + Life Magazine + Archive + Multimedia Supplements
    DIMENSIONS: 530 x 350 mm

  • JULY 20th 1969

    The Space race begins and the dispute between Communism and Capitalism comes to a rise resulting in the technological conflict of the decade. The United States experience its longest uninterrupted period of economic expansion in history and, though war is upon the nation, an impossible mission to reach a deserted rock becomes the country’s prime focus.

    The attempt to prove the nation’s authority, ultimately came to testify a shift in perspective on how media filtered reality, the genesis of a generation hooked on contemplation - the perfect specimen of televised picture’s profound repercussions. 
  • "Simply throughout their performances, certain media events
    can have a profound effect on the world"

    Steve Rushton, Dot Dot Dot
  • Barbarella
    by Ana Pedro Henriques
  • Daft Punk Collection
    by Diogo Azevedo


    Voyage To the Moon (1969) - Archibald MACLEISH
    Man on the Moon (1970) - Richard Nixon [S.l] : United States Information Agency.
    The Alphabet Versus the Goddess: The Conflict Between Word and Image (1999) - 
    Leonard SHLAIN, Penguin
    On Photography (1979) - Susan SONTAG, Penguin
    Image Music Text (1993) - Roland BARTHES
    Apollo : A retrospective analysis (1994) - Roger D. LAUNIUS (NASA History Office)
    Simulacra and Simulation (1995) - Jean BAUDRILLARD
    The last man on the moon (1999) - Eugene CERNAN + Don DAVIS
    Left to Right: The Cultural Shift from Words to Pictures (2006) - David CROW
    The Societal Impact of Spacefligh (2007) - Steven J. DICK + Roger D. LAUNIUS
    Operating Manual for Spaceship Earth (1978) - R. Buckminster FULLER
    Sixties Design (2001) - Philippe GARNER, Taschen
    The medium is the massage (2001) - Marshall MCLUHAN + Quentin FIORE
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