New Beat Generation Album

  • 'New Beat Generation' Album Cover

    This is an album cover I worked on for musician Chance Utter, for his upcoming album, 'New Beat Generation' and single from the album, 'Beat Mosaic.' Chance's music is percussion based, combining Tabla, Bata and Pandeiro compositions played over electronic backtracks. This album was heavily influenced by traditional Hindustani classical music and Carthatic music, combined with inspiration from Beatnik writing, especially Jack Kerouac's 'Dharma Bums.'

    For the cover illustration we decided to base the piece off a traditional Ganesha depiction, but with a more contemporary feel. The illustrations is done in colored pencil and then colored digitally in Photoshop. I created two versions of the illustration, a red and a blue, for the album and the single. I also designed a logo for Chance that we used on the CD and also for some merchandise like stickers. 

    Here's a link to the stickers and t-shirts we have available.

  • ⇧  Final colored illustration, Red and Blue variations.
  • ⇧  Process photos of the sketch and colored pencil drawing.
  • ⇧  Video of the Photoshop coloring process, about 10 hours of coloring. 
  • ⇧  Variations of the logo I designed. The center version has a border based off a Pandeiro drum.
  • ⇧  Design of the CD cover and album cover for 'New Beat Generation.'​​​​​​​
  • ⇧  Design of the CD cover and album cover for 'Beat Mosaic.'
  • ⇧  Stickers that we currently have available, the square ones are 4x4" and the circles are 2x2."
              $3.00 each or $5.00 for the pack. Link at the top for purchase.
  • ⇧  T-shirt's are also available on my shop through the link above.
             $20.00 for the t-shirt and $25.00 for the tank top.