• Do3

    How will we build things in the future, in a matter that is sustainable, scalable and personal? The Do3 desktop factory is a cloud manufacturing system that helps you to objectify your ideas.

  • Add, extend, adapt 

    Do3 is fully modular. This means that it is possible to change, upgrade or enlarge the system, to fit the needs of individual projects.

  • That’s what you can Do3

    Since the system is fully modular, you can use Do3 not only as a filament 3D printer but also as a laser cutter or a CNC milling machine.

  • Interface 

    The sandblasted plexiglass cover holds the lower  assembly, protects from debris & dust and is used as the main visual interface while Do3 is working.A small in the x-Axis embedded projector displays the GUI on the cover.

  • It sees what it does

    The 3D printing extruder nozzle features a sensor array that keeps an eye on the objects geometry. If it detects irregularities in the printed object, Do3 will ask you to check if everything is all right.

  • Building Blocks

    Do3 building blocks are specifically made material packs for all possible build platform sizes and work volumes.

  • Let’s Do3 something

    Do3 can be used by professional and non- professional users alike. You can interact with Do3 utilising CAD & CAM tools, or start making things without any additional software knowledge using the Do3 app.