Tamween - Brand identity

  • “Tamween”  was established in 2002 as a holistic catering and support services provider for organizations throughout the State of Qatar.Our company’s diverse expertise allows us to provide customized services to a growing portfolio of multinational companies, schools, universities, and camps. Infused with the expertise of an international team of associates, Tamween can cater to the needs of any customer, function, or environment. By adhering to international food safety and handling standards it enables our team to increase productivity and provide over 54,000 healthy meals a day. Our vision of dynamic food services extends beyond simply producing quantity, and ensures that each meal is demarcated by unwavering quality. Pivotal to Tamween’s success and professionalism, is understanding the complete cycle of creating excellent and cost effective food services. The organization has two massive culinary facilities and a complete transportation network that ensures meals are delivered on time, at temperature and anywhere in Qatar. Through our team of managers and employee engagement programs, all associates are rigorously trained on the elements of personal hygiene, safety, cleaning and customer service. As our mantra states, “Service Like No Other”, and this is evident in our evolving network of satisfied clients.