BETO - Electronic Cigarette

  • BETO

    BETO is a liquid type electronic cigarette that provides a visual experience of burning like a cigarette. BETO will give you more psychological satisfaction than conventional liquid type electronic cigarettes, and you can easily recognize how much cigarettes have been smoked like cigarettes.
  • Background

    A heat-not-burn tobacco product (HNB) is getting more popular, so people who smoke liquid e-cigarettes are decreasing. One of the main reasons for the growing popularity of HNB is that it provides more cigarette-like experience and emotion than electronic cigarettes.
  • Insight

    All electronic cigarette users learned to smoke through cigarettes, so it is important that liquid electronic cigarettes provide an experience of cigarettes.
  • Concept

    BETO is a liquid e-cig that provides a cigarette experience. BETO looks like it burns every time you smoke like a cigarette. Not only can users visually experience similar to cigarettes but they can easily recognize how much cigarettes have been smoked.