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    A streetwear-inspired high-end fashion watch

    Product / Packaging / Brand Identity
  • Streetwear is a style popularized through hip hop, skateboarding, and social media. It tends to be casual and uses lots of bold graphics and logos. In social media like Instagram, the majority of people are easily drawn to these eye-catching, vibrant, witty, and visually striking genre of fashion, hence the streetwear dominance in the fashion world. Recently we began to wonder why there are still too many luxury watch brands that are too classic in style that is aesthetically incompatible with the currently popular attire, while the majority of luxury fashion brands are already adopting these streetwear-inspired elements to their new collection. "A good watch should be classic and timeless". We wanted to go against this notion and create a brand that is extremely sensitive to the current fashion trends and bridge the gap between a watch brand and contemporary high-end streetwear clothing brands. By adopting premium materials and exquisite craftsmanship, Graph is exclusive and high-end in nature, but the presence of the casual streetwear-inspired details makes it a high-end streetwear accessory.

    The name comes from the graphite mineral, a dark gray substance that is considered to have a silently bold presence. The actual material for the enclosure is a high-quality black ceramic. Bold and expressive graphic elements combined with a thick stitched ballistic nylon strap and leather labels completes a street-inspired visual language that is unique among the high-end watch brands.