The Spark that Lit the World on Terror

  • The Spark that Lit the World on Terror is a critical and speculative publication project examining U.S.–Middle East relations since the Cold War. Utilizing the curation of existing material as the basis of its content and expression; mainly news and journalist articles, political essays, interviews, and other data of socio-political importance in regards to U.S.–Middle East geo-political power structures. 

    The publication examines the conditions and effects of American and Israeli political and military interventions in Lebanon. Beginning in the 1980s, it tracks decades of political conflict; the Lebanese Civil War, and the subsequent rise of modern terror tactics. 

    Keeping in line with it's activist and community-building values, the publication is meant to be reproducible and redistributable and is therefore printed entirely in black and white.
  • Softcover
    Keaykolour Parchment 90gsm
    Kaskad Rosella Red 100gsm
  • Note: This project was completed as part of my MA Communication Design thesis at RMIT University.
    It was produced entirely for academic purposes, and is not for sale.​​​​​​​

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