Hanny Deep | ss 2018

  • For Hanny Deep

    HANNY DEEP ss2018

    Art Direction | Anna Carillo - Emira M'sakni - Gianluca Trebbi
    Photography | Eugenio d'Orio
    Retouching | Francesca Esposito

    Model | Stasia Smerechevska
    Styling | Emiliano Conte
    Hair & Make up | Vessy Vissotchkova

  • Hanny Deep is charm, passion, immense love for womanliness.
    It's an incredible full immersion in the world of many different women: eclectic, chameleonic, wonderfully stylish.

    Stories full of thousand facets, combinations, fabrics, colors, overlays and details that illuminate each woman.
    They are independent, strong, daring, emancipated and above all authentic heroines.
    They have a multifaceted mind, always close to change and determined to live every moment till the end.
    They have allure, versatility and attitude: each outift reveals small details of their personality, appearing everywhere incredibly fashionable & up-to-date.

    Hanny Deep thus explores their emotions, letting themselves be inspired by always new and unconventional moods, giving life to contemporary and unique collections, designed specifically for them: beautiful glamorous women of modern times.
    It is a brand with a strong aesthetic and stylistic characterization, distinguished by variations of mix and match and languages ​​of vibrant colors, which light up the charm and enhance the temperament of any woman.

    They are Fashion Collection wearable every day and easily coordinated, dedicated to the muses that travel continuously, run fast... women that are sure of their choices.
    Cosmopolitan and urban-chic creations, suitable for today's women who love being free, unconventional and sophisticated.

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