Two different kind of lines. The dry land. The river. The city. In order to realise the poster for Kulturhavn 2015, we focused on the main feature of the event: the fact that the festival will take place on the riverside that marks out the city of Copenhagen. We believe that water is a fundamental element of the festival since it succeeds in combining the physical identity of the city with its cultural side. We therefore employed a very simple and flat design so as to make it easily recognizable and reproducible. The image is simply made up of two different kinds of elements: the riverbank - the dry land - and the river itself. In order to emphasise the element of water and to arouse a moment of surprise, we inverted the typical graphic signs of the dry land and those of water. This inversion plays a key role in the meaning of the message we would like to pass down. Indeed, while the reference to the city is explicitly made clear by the union between the river and its riverbank, on the other hand the graphic sign's inversion hints at the complexity of knowledge. This calls for a careful consideration, an intellectual process aimed at grasping reality not only as it appears, but also as it really is.
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