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    Visual identity, logotype, art direction
    Case Study
  • Pinknoise is upcoming music project, that I was asked to come up with new logotype and art direction for their sample covers as well with their overall visual strategy. These are some of the artworks I've done, as well some of the final versions we've chosen.

    The projects is still work in progress, but I will update it as we do more. In the meantime check the selection below.


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  • Main typeface and logotype
    Extended typeface for Pinknoise name and animated symbol, which is abstraction of word "Pinknoise", where I wanted to create a rememberable symbol, that could be used on the website as well as on the covers.

    We've used typeface called Halogen

  • Covers:
    Some of the initial covers designs I did for a client, where we established the overall style and art direction, while we were working on the typeface and symbol. 

    We've decided to go for dirty and gritty direction at first, but we also played with more subtle imaginary at the start.

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