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  • KAJET Journal |  Editorial Illustration
    So happy to be part of Kajet Journal's first issue 💛
    This issue explores the making of an Eastern European paradigmatic identity (I. Being & Easternness), how and why Eastern European communities resort to mechanisms of self-defense (II. Rituals of Resistance), the emergence of sub/countercultural collectives (III. Poor, but Sexy), the subjection of power through architecture and space (IV. Visions of Space), and, finally, the recurrent utopia of a borderless world (V. Erecting Walls vs. Crossing Bridges).
    KAJET Journal seeks to be more than just a mere signal from the periphery and to move beyond a purely anecdotal understanding of Eastern Europe. Concentrating the scope of interest onto the past, present, and future of communities inside Eastern Europe, you can find what lies at the heart of KAJET's first issue: a rejuvenation of the contemporary imaginations of what the notion of community used to mean, currently means, and will continue to mean.

    You can get your copy by clicking here.