Супер - Branding

  • Our task was to create friendly and bright tv channel identity for wide audience. We have chosen the hand emoji as one of the most recognizable symbols of our time in couple with Roboto font, one of the most popular fonts in the world right now. That's the Super identity!
  • Design Logo: CLAN х Denis Bashev

    Design Team: CLAN
    Art-direction: Anton Shavkero
    Lead Design: Alex Gorin
    Design: Ilya Korolev х Yuriy Adam х Mariya Bykova
    Animation: Dmitry Palagin х Alexey Shchipachev
    Producer: Marianna Shavkero

    Music and Sound Design: Daruma Audio

    Client: Yellow, Black and White Group
    Respect: Gavr Gordeev, Arkadii Vodakhov

  • Thanks for your attention.
    Everything is gonna be Super!