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    Umeno Cafe is an all-day-dining Japanese cafe operated by its parent restaurant called Umenohana—a traditional Japanese fine dining well-known in crab, soy milk, soybean skin, and tofu dishes. Similarly to Umenohana, Umeno Cafe specializes in soybean as it is the main ingredient within most of Umeno food, dessert, and beverage recipes. The interior of the cafe is designed to be a contemporary and casual space for family and teenagers.

  • Two Umeno Cafe logos represent a modern Japanese autograph to convey brand identity. One of them is specially designed by adding a plum blossom configuration as know as a symbol and meaning of Umenohana simply elevating brand recognition.

    The rabbit character helps promote the brand since it has been a beloved character with storytelling to communicate the brand concept. The narrative which can be seen on a wall painting of Umeno cafe illustrates Umeno cooking process shown in the following parts :

    1. A tofu square-shaped rabbit house that rabbits are making tofu then distributing to the rabbit village.
    2. The rabbit village where rabbits are helping each other preparing plenty of delicious Umeno Cafe dishes.
    3. A Vegetable garden where all crops are used for Umeno recipes.

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    CREDIT :
    Design Director by Pongtorn Wachirapoka
    Logo Design by Vorathap Kiathaokajon, 
    Designed by Nuttavee Jiratthitikan
    Illustration by Vipu Boonsiriyanontachai
    Photographed & Retouched by Parinya Kawsrito

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