Cabrillo Ocean Science Aquarium

  • The new identity for the Cabrillo Ocean Science Aquarium (cosa) reflects the habitat and characteristics of the Pacific ocean's very own inhabitants. Focusing on playfulness and education, the identity balances between a state of the art research facility while also maintaining a family friendly design that is applicable to all assets of the aquarium through print, spatial, and the website.
  • Microcurrents: A World Within the Waves is the current exhibition held by the Cabrillo Ocean Science Aquarium for the 2018/2019 season. The design for the campaign and exhibition was inspired by the microscopic x-ray views of these amazing micro species while the information is laid out as 'scientific documentation'. The exhibition also features an interactive tide pool that guests can experience. You may view that experience here. 
  • Annually, the Cabrillo Ocean Science Aquarium is host to the Silvertide Festival, a two night event in which the spawning season of the Grunion species is active, a natural phenomenon that has wowed audiences since it was first discovered. Below is the campaign for the 2018 Silvertide Festival at COSA. The campaign is based on the different stages and the time of the spawning.