Behavior of object & human

  • Behavior of human&objects
    Furniture Collection Project 
  • Human and objects can communicate with each other,
    but they do not know the facts because they use different languages.
    So I tried to make them know how communicate with each other;
    people could look back on their behavior and objects could understand how people behave.
    Then finally, people and things(even though it is trivial) began to make meaningful conversation with each other.

    Through this project, I want to let you know how we have interacted with things through the shapes of things I have designed.
    And here are some objects what I prepare.

  • Behavior #1 - Cane chair

    People stand up with their hands on their chairs and behave in a sitting position.
    In this way, humans have an implicit conversation with things.
  • Behavior #2 - Horn stool

    I have observed that when people are sitting on the stool, their hand positions are varied.
    It seemed as if the hand had lost its way.
    So this led to a natural conversation with the stool..
  • Behavior #3 - Supported side table

    When we use furniture, there is a time to shake.
    When the legs of the legs do not fit or the bottoms do not match, we fold the piece of paper to support the legs or weigh an appropriate thickness of material under the floating legs. By doing this, we have had proper conversations with the shaky furniture.
    I applied this point and solved it again with my own manner.
    I intentionally made one leg short and then supported it with a wooden ball.
  • Behavior #4 - Wavy hanger

    Hangers are not closets!
    We always hang clothes on a hanger and make things called hanger uncomfortable. In order to put only the proper number of clothes on the hanger, I gave the hanger a solution on how to talk to people and how to solve them.
  • Behavior #5 - Tri-stool

    I observed people sitting really comfortably. I found a narrow gap between my legs in everyone.
    We designed the stool so that the gap could naturally occur.
  • First furniture exhibition_ 쓰임새
    Palace de Seoul gallery
  • This is the end of my experimental design objects.
    We would like to take a moment to reconsider what things are gesturing to us and how we can try it.
     Things also have actions that we take, and we act accordingly.
    It is conversation with gesture.
    We should try to talk with each objects surrounding us one by one.
  • Thanks for watching!

    Youngmin Kang / Designer
    Seoul, South Korea