Dataviz mural | Ursus Factory Project

  • Dataviz mural, mapping the Ursus Factory Project, created for the Gotong Royong. Things we do together exhibition at the Center for Contemporary Art in Warsaw.

    Ursus is both a section of Warsaw and the name of Europe’s largest tractor factory, which operated here for nearly a century and was closed down during Poland’s post-1989 political and economic transformation. Shaped by industry, Ursus currently faces many challenges, which include converting industrial areas into residential neighbourhoods, mass demolitions of factory halls, the influx of thousands of new residents, not to mention sustaining the memory of the closed tractor factory.

    Ursus Factory Project, launched by Jaśmina Wójcik and Igor Stokfiszewski, intends to use art and activist actions to preserve the memory of the old factory and to build a new identity for the district.

    The mural documents seven years of their work in the district. All the activities are distributed on a circular timeline as points, connected with lines which refer to the causal relationships between the events. They surround the map of the factory, which plays a central role in the Ursus Project's history – both in metaphoric and literal sense.