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    In this chapter, the mirror was analyzed as a case study, exploring ways of how to distort and transform it's meaning and significance.

    The sole function of a mirror is to verify individuals of their physical appearance, relying on reflective surfaces to satisfy the need of aesthetic approval; to intervene this object, a dichroic film, which has the unique property of splitting light into different wavelengths thus reflecting different colors depending on the position of the viewer. When applied to a transparent surface it is possible to project one wavelength through the surface and reflect a different one, this means that the color being reflected will be different from the color that is projected.

    This combination of materials generates an illusion of a mirror, reflecting a clear image but distorting and shifting it´s colors; the transparency also creates colored projections of any light directed onto the surface, passing on color onto the wall were the object is positioned.

    As result, the object is able to reflect images just like a mirror and create a unique colored projection, creating a new variation of the common archetype; a different way to verify our physical apperance. 
  • Model: Luisa Mendoza

    This project was exhibited in the Abierto Mexicano de Diseño 2017
    As part of the collective En la Superficie de la Arena

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