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    In the second part of the semester we got an inverse project compared to the previous one (the Phoenix) in the university. The task was to design a small-scale chair by using a prefabricated semi-finished industrial product. Our starting point was a molded plywood beech seat of a chair produced by a Hungarian furniture manufacturer, the Plydesign Kft. We had to design the "pattern" of the seat, in order to create the final form by CNC-milling after the pressing, and also the body of the chair with any kind of material we choose.

  • the origin
  • pattern of the seat
  • first models
  • final form of the body
  • final model in progress
  • Consultants: István Juhász, András Kerékgyártó
    Special thanks to: Gábor Bella, Plydesign kft., Startjunior kft.
    Some photos by: Attila Miletics