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    I often surfing on the web leaving my browser crowded of open tabs. I really appreciate visual culture projects with a strong base on concepts, I believe that design and visual communication can help to bring about social, political and economic changes. I worship Genova and his territory. I was born in Genoa in 1994, 3 years after Sampdoria won its first (and maybe last?) championship. Write me if you would an original pasta dish with pesto or a "slerfa" di focaccia.

    I wanted to communicate the way to work. And how can I translate my personality into a visual language? Question that I don't normally ask myself much. Rather than creating a real branding project, I wanted to shape a mood, an approach to work through an exercise in style. A simple, direct, playful and dynamic way to convey something.

  • [ENG]
    The circular shape open wants to convey the feeling of total embrace to the project during development and implementation. A circle that rotates and changes position and direction: if it had been completely closed in itself it would have been hostile to external inputs. I've chosen a (trial) font that i really appreciate: Matter is a a grotesk typeface with a subtle, warm touch. This is caused by lively forms and diagonal terminals. The vertical terminals still have some angle even when it seems there is not.

  • (Trial) Font used: Matter by Displaay

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