Powiśle Project

  •  Let’s bring the river back to the city

  • Warsaw ,as the capital city of Poland, is strongly connected with the Vistula River. It has always been one of the most important factors of municipal development. Dividing the city into two parts, the river focuses not only social and cultural life of the place, but also creates the unique atmosphere of this post-communist metropolis.

    “Let’s bring the river back to the city” is the name of the social initiative which tries to find the solution to the problem how to use and develop the banks of the river. The group of architects and designers , contrary to the municipal strategy, worked out the individual land use plan for the Vistula’s banks. Its main feature is to create accessible place of cultural and scientifical character.

    e1 was commissioned to design the brochure which includes background information about the conception as well as plans, rendered visualizations and the logotype of the future enterprise. To emphasis the key figures of the project, the readable info graphics were designed.