Orbit phone - Smartphone Concept

  • Orbit phone is a conceptual project idealized to test new interactions and materials possibilities for the smartphone market.
  • The bezel-less design was thought to bring a notion of transparency to the phone in-sync with the possibility of having one of the cameras working all the time, projecting image in the interface’s background, simulating how could it be to have a transparent phone.
  • The phone uses a flexible OLED screen combined with a ductile enclosure to deliver a near-unbreakable smartphone to the user. 
  • A circular flash was designed to deliver variations of light intensity and to create the “ring flash eye effect" in the eyes of those being photographed.
  • Taking advantage of the ductile material, the buttons were designed seamlessly in the enclosure. The interaction with the buttons was inspired by Olivetti Divisumma 18.
  • In a world with no headphone jack, the next thing to eliminate is the charging port to allow phones to be thinner and lighter.
  • A fabric cover was chosen both for the phone and the wireless charger to bring a closer connection with the users, delivering a warm touch, a scratchless surface and a contemporary aesthetic that fits every personality.
  • The transparent OLED allows the front camera to be visible when needed.