Collaborations with Adobe 2016 - 2017

  • Collaboration with Adobe Stock for the Novum graphic magazine
  • I had the great pleasure to collaborate with Adobe Stock to create a page for the Novum graphic magazine. The briefing was really simple. I just had to do something that´s also sellable on Adobe Stock. I did this at the end of November 2017 and first thought about creating some christmas stuff. Then I got the information that the release will be in January 2018…after christmas. I wanted to do something that fits into the release time and thought: „Ok everyone have new years resolutions. Every damn year most of them be forgotten after a couple of weeks.“ So I decided to use this as my topic. I picked some really popular new years resolutions like „do more sports, stop eating junk food, live more healthy, stop smoking, etc“ and build something like a flat design resolution collage. I also wanted to show the aspect that a lot of them mostly never will be completed and postponed to the next year. So I add the unhealthy relaxing guy as the base of the illustration.

    The illustration is also available on Adobe Stock under the link below:
  • Collaboration with Adobe Stock for an autumn artwork tutorial
  • I was invited by Adobe to be one of five German artist from all creative fields, to create an autumn artwork based on stock material. The aim was to show that stock images could be used for more than just having a nice picture. They could also be part of a complex composition or be very helpful as reference material, especially for an illustrator. Moreover we should create something like a short tutorial for the artwork.
  • Operational steps
  • You find the whole tutorial inclusive a short video under the link below:
  • #illustrateTheMAX
    Invitation to the Adobe MAX 2016
  • In 2016 I got the great honor to be invited by Adobe to visit the Adobe MAX in San Diego. It was like a dream come true. My task seems to be really simple, I should illustre some of my impressions of the trip and share them on my social media accounts. In reality it was a more than hard challenge because there was so much great impressions, new experiences and awesome moments that I really had to think about what I should create. After a long session of brainstorming I realized that beside all that amazing things at the MAX, the most impressive and heartwarming part on this trip were the people I shared my time with, I lovely called them the travel group. I mean I was an absolut newcomer in this business and could´t and still not can understand why I got the invitation, while most of them still were pretty popular and successful. Nevertheless they treated me so nice and equal. That was absolutely the most mind blowing thing and I´m still so thankful for the awesome time. So I decided to create flat design avatars of my travel group instead of doing something directly about San Diego or the MAX.

    You will find a small article about the trip under the link below:
  • The travel group
  • Impressive Speakers
  • Couple of photos
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