McCooper Studios

  • Branding is about identity, creating a visual culture and giving birth to a new idea.
    The McCooper Studios approached the Royal Studio with a particular vision. Being a photography studio with a special touch in Sci-fi with a great background in cinema, the special request to design the brand had a great influence in the golden era of steampunk with a Nasa twist. A very big challenge.
    We have accepted and travelled with the idea of a lens being a portal to new images, a new soul to the gadget and a mechanical journey through the eye of the photographer.
    The 20ies and 30ies have a very strong identity that we most certainly dug deep exploring, transforming those references to a mad-man steampunk sci-fi era mood, meeting with a well-though system for a contemporary versatile identity that reflects the influences of a studio with such strong roots
    In the end, the result is a clear minimal 21st century excellence that grabs the Daily Planet and throws it around Metropolis in the pocket of the Nasa explorer's shirt.

    A trip filled with character and personality.

    McCooper Studios, The Royal Studio branding the lens chapter:



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