Botany - Child Proof Cannabis Container

  • Botany - Child Proof Cannabis Container

    a holistic approach to marijuana storage that focuses on:

    - child safety 
    - climate optimization
    - edibles/concentrates/bud forms of marijuana
    - 2 way humidity control
    - portability

    International Housewares Competition 2nd place winner 
    patent pending

  • Marijuana is increasingly accessible & attractive to children.

    “Colorado experienced a 34% increase in kids hospitalized from marijuana ingestion while the rest of the U.S. saw a 19% increase. In most cases, poor child supervision or product storage was reported.”  -  Forbes

    Incorrect storage can affect quality & be harmful to the user.

    Humidity has a significant influence on mold growth, shelf life, flavor, fluctuating thc/cbd levels, and quality of smoke. These parameters are of interest to both medical and recreational users.

  • Above: Various cavities are used for organizing different types of product. A prep tray and to-go pod is also included.

    Below: Mock ups were used to act through the steps required for each concept. Giving these mock ups to other people uncovered ergonomic issues and provided a deeper understanding of scale. A simple functional prototype was created to test the humidity system. This helped define how large the ceramic pieces needed to be to work for at least a month before having to be rejuvenated. The prototype also identified that balancing humidity accurately is more difficult than originally thought and that a more nuanced system was needed. This led to the following ‘dial’ solution.

  • Humidity Control

    The ceramic system works by having two types of reusable ceramics: one that releases humidity (a common earthenware) and one that absorbs humidity (earthenware with food safe silica beads inside). This is better than existing solutions because it doesn't require the repurchase of humidity beads every month and also keeps waste out of landfills. 

  • Depending on what the hygrometer reads, the user may need to increase, decrease, or
    maintain the current humidity levels. Simply turn the cap to reveal the + or - ceramic
    to make the adjustment.

  • The ceramics last about a month before they must be revitalized. Place the + ceramic in a glass of water for 5 minutes and the - ceramic gets microwaved for 5 minutes. This is better than competitor solutions that require the repurchase and disposal of bead packs every month or so.

  • Portability

    After studying the most popular marijuana accessories people own, it was realized that portability and preparation are important parts of ownership. 
    Adding these components to this storage unit makes for a holistic solution that looks at all parts of the experience - something that competitors have yet to do.

  • A contemporary form was created to seamlessly fit into the home environment and also avoid unwanted attention.