• Atelier – Identity + App

    Atelier provides access to the vast diversity of quality art created in artists' atelier. Atelier will open for artists to present their works and invite to view and sell directly from their studio via the application. Many artists are struggling to sell their art. The galleries favour established names and create a needle's eye for exposure to a limited and exclusive buyer segment. Atelier's goal is to bring artists and art interested people together and contribute to a richer and more dynamic art market. Atelier will make it possible to buy affordable quality art – and give artists an additional opportunity to survive economically.

    The identity builds on the concept of constant reduction of elements to showcase the artist and the artist's works. Only the most essential elements are used to create an experience where users can move freely without being distracted. Atelier aims to be perceived as a "room" where both user and artist are inspired and furthermore can establish contact with each other. Atelier wants to be an honest and down-to-earth app with art in its focus.
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