• NYC SERIES is a project about my personal experiences in New York City, during a five-month stay.
    Visiting New York and the U.S. for the very first time, gave me the opportunity to discover and explore obvious daily life situations from a different and abstract point of view. The fresh perspective, combined with an enormous amount of new impressions, inspired me to create this photo series in a very personal and humorous way. Afterwards, the photos were printed as postcards, in an edition of 50 and were sent out and given to family and friends. Therefore, these postcards do not show a famous monument of a specific area. Instead, they represent both a personal gift and a bridge between two cultures.

  • "Cheese Slice with 3 Toppings"
  • "1$ Oyster Happy Hour"
  • "Double Bag"
  • "Cheap Eats" 
  • "Pastrami Sandwich"
  • "Big Apple"
  • "Vegan Fries"