Together | Apart: Part One

  • Major Project 2012

    In 2011, just over 35 percent of couples who married in 1986 had divorced before their silver wedding anniversary. ‘Together | Apart’ allows parents to understand the effects a family separation has on young adults through three case studies.
    A typographic system is used as a means to portray the heightened emotion and level of stress different events within a family separation will cause. The higher on the stress scale an event is, the more warped the text becomes. This makes the text increasingly hard to read, and mimics the warping, changing and unpredictable nature of grief. This is also reflected in the process in which the
    warped text was created. By distorting the text on the photocopier, not one result is the same. This means
    that every page in the booklet is unique, which further emphasises the fact that everybody's reaction to grief is different. The project aims to open up the channels of communication between parents and children during
    this distressing time.

    Awarded membership into the International Society of Typographic Designers (Merit)