Assai Healthy Skin | Skin Spa

  • The Client 
    In 2015, two exceptional and ambitious women, Irene and Georgia, launched an innovative business, under the brand name assai, in an attempt to reapproach health and beauty standards. Embracing self-love and self-confidence, they daily introduce women and men to new, pioneering and effective techniques and products for skin and body health.

    The Assignment 
    The request was the design of a brand identity that highlights the organic nature of assai’s products and services, as a result of love for one’s self and need for relaxation and self-reward. What fed our ideas and design process, and also makes assai unique in their field, is how their offer of services does not emerge from the need to follow beauty standards in order to fit in - it actually emerges from the inner need to treat yourself well and relax acknowledging your uniqueness.

    The Solution 

    The basic keyword set in assai’s branding process was type-play. We decided to go with a wordmark for the primary logo, accompanied by the leaf symbol. The leaf symbol is distinctive in all brand identity applications (business cards, prescription pads, postcards, gift cards and more) and, replacing i’s diacritic as well, provides the logotype with an organic and revitalizing essence. What greased our wheels and set our creativity free, were the multiple possibilities of Helvetica font, upon which our play was about to be built. Thus, s-es started their mirroring play, simulating the process of perceiving our inner and outer self. At the same time, a-s provided our logo with two well-formed drops, offering a subliminal reference to the aquatic element, as in purity and freshness. Following the brand identity’s natural and organic dictations, the color palette consists of jagged ice, connected to nature’s refreshing and unsoiled elements, and meteor grey, indicating the brand’s premium and delicate essence.