• Branding for Bartek Pilawski - a young and talented Polish fashion designer. 
    We wanted the website to be fresh and elegant, just as Bartek's designs. 
    Monochromatic, simple online space is perfect to present his creativity.

    Head Agency: Creogram 

    Art Direction and Branding: Krzysztof Nowak, Piotr Petki Laskosz
    Project managment: Jerry Nalewajk
    , Katherin Bednarz 
    Web Design: Piotr Petki Laskosz, Przemek Kowal 
    Photography: Filip Okopny, Piotr Petki Laskosz, Pilawski Press Pack
    Video Production: Damian Zwardoń 
    Music: Mateusz Pawluś 


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