Motionographer - Motion Awards “Call for Entries 2018”

  • The Motion Awards is one of my favorite projects at Gunner to date. It was super collaborative from concept to completion, and I was able to touch a little bit of everything each step of the process including the animatic, illustration, character exploration, 2D/ 3D animation, and compositing. 
  • Some early character sketches
  • After Ian's initial sketch, I designed the run-cycle relief on the temple base for a fun easter egg. Then Mike Dupree worked his 3D magic to bring it to life 
  • Role: 2D/3D animation, compositing  |  Cel Animation: Jon Riedell 
  • Role: 2D/ 3D animation
    Directed by Gunner
    Audio by Antfood
    Illustration: Ian Sigmon, Rachel Reid, John Hughes,
    Jon Reidell, Marcus Bakke
    Animation: Jon Riedell, John Hughes, Ian Sigmon, Rachel Reid, Steve Savalle, Austin Robert, Mel McCann
    3D Modeling: Mike Dupree, Marcus Bakke
    3D Texturing & Dev: Nick Forshee, Steve Savalle
    Project Coordinator: Brandon Delis
    Client: Motionographer