A dream within a dream

  • 梦中梦 
    _A dream within a dream
    _A short experiment cinemagraph movie about the font "梦"

    _It often takes decades or hundreds of years for an astronaut to explore a planet outside of solar system. To last long enough, 
    astronauts usually have to go through low-temperature hibernation in order to wake up alive hundreds of years later.

    _Human lifespan is exceeded to a great extent in this way. Although the body is frozen, the consciousness is not. The person 
    will be dreaming for several hundred years. The body can be kept for that long, but what about consciousness? Does 
    consciousness have its own life expectancy, so will a person think him or herself being dead in dream, while in reality, he is not.
    An old Chinese proverb once said “fallen leaves return to the roots,” which is a metaphor stating that the last destination of a 
    person’s life should be his  homeland, even after death. In my view, if a dream can last for hundreds of years, the place which 
    the dreamer will miss the most will be home.

    _This short film Dream in A Dream is in reality, an experimental film about dreams. It is like a symbol floating on the water, being
     tightly held in an infant’s arms or trapped in the palm of the Buddha; it bursts into a blaze, then projects into the building of a
     capsule apartment.

    _As narrated in The Diamond Sutra, “All composed things are like a dream, a phantom, a drop of dew, a flash of lightning.
     That is how to meditate on them, that is how to observe them.” I am not intelligent enough to get a full understanding of these 
    phrases, nevertheless, I still took this phrase as the prologue of this short film. The changes in human affairs often take
     freakish forms, and life is but a dream. Is there anyone who could actually tell?
  • 梦中梦

    飘荡在水上,被婴儿紧紧抱在怀里, 囿于佛祖的掌心。它熊熊的燃烧,然后被投射到胶囊公寓的大楼上。



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    The audience in some area may need VPN to watch the film

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  • _Dream within a dream
    _Concept/Art direction by _赤云_灰昼
    _Chinese typography by _赤云_行行珂

    Redcloud Studio.