• 18 PANELS
    An abstract Comic

     After working nonstop on comissions the last weeks, I spent one week on a personal project.
    I had been collecting pictures from newspapers (mainly Süddeutsche Zeitung and the New York Times)
    for some years now. On monday I decided to do some very rough ink drawings based on them and let them tell their story.
    I wanted to find out, what kind of story would come to existence, when the information behind the picture disappears and each picture becomes a panel in an abstract comic. If you "read" the pictures from top towards the bottom, the story might make some sense - or it doesnt make sense at all. Cheers!

  • Below some details
  •  All together arranged in the newspapers' format.
  • Thanks for your time and thanks to the people at SZ and NYT, who keep inspiring me every morning!