Starting with Women

  • Starting with Women:
    Illustrations for women's right to land and resources.

    Empowered women change the world:  Poverty reduction and an improvement in food security are more likely to occur when women have rights and status within their families and communities. Starting with women works to empower women with secure rights to land and resources, which promotes lasting economic growth, more resilient communities, and healthier societies.
    To exemplify the organization's work, I was requested to Illustrate the story of Joy, a farmer from Uganda who unjustly lost her land after her husband's death. 

    Client: ARU
    Agency: Burness
    Script Copywriting: Steven Partington
    Design and Illustrations by Felipe Vargas.
    Direction, Animations and Compositing by Dirk Jan Haarsma.

  • Character development
  • Motionboards
  • Finished Video
    Animated and composed by Dirk Jan Haarsma.