The Whim

  • The Whim - The Wave series
    Concept : Bring a part of your travel home
    Inspiration : The Wave Arizona

  • Inspiration
    The Wave is a sandstone rock formation located in Arizona, United States. The formation is well–known for its beauty among hikers and photographers for its colourful, undulating forms.
    The reason for choosing the wave of Arizona is because of the mesmerizing effect of its waves, immense beauty of forms and dynamic features. Being a beautiful landform, it has a lot of lovely attributes to work and play with. It is contoured and at the same time has interesting organic forms that would be a good inspiration to create an interesting visual language for the range. 

  • Forms
    The Image below shows how the forms have been derived from the original landform.
    The forms have been developed after extensive form studies, detailed research on organic forms, works of architects, architectural and art styles.

    NEO MINIMALISM as a style has been worked upon with an effort of merging it with LIGHT ART

  • Foot Lamps
  • Wall Hung
  • Pendant Lamps
  • Working Drawings